Stocking Stuffers for Men: Booze & Food Edition

So basically, I'm trying to not break the bank here.  I know how frustrating it can be while searching out ideas and sure, they can be beautiful suggestions, but are they budget friendly?
Awesome Stocking Stuffers for MenLet's fill up those stockings this year…without being scared to check the bank balance afterward 😉

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Tommy Bahama Very Cool Cologne Review

Although the Tommy BahamaVery Cool was first introduced in 2006, I feel it is very worthy of a short, personal review today, in 2015.
I grabbed this cologne on a whim for my husband the other day, not really knowing what to expect.  It was a sealed in box bottle, with no tester in sight, so I had to go on instinct.

Tommy Bahama Very Cool Cologne
I love choosing my husbands cologne {and not just because I'm so bossy} haha.
I think most of us ladies can agree, we want our men smelling delicious and preferably in a scent that not only they're going to love, but in which we love too.
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