Tips for Holding a Successful Yard Sale

Today I'm sharing some secrets on how to hold a successful Yard Sale!
hold a successful yard saleCome on inside and take a peek!

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DIY: Coupon Binder

How to Make a Coupon Binder

Couponing is a great way to save money.
But having so many, can be overwhelming and seem like a pain in the %@# to sort through.  This usually leads to your coupons not being put to use!

Does your coupon pile look like this? Pile of Coupons

Join me today as I show you how to create a Coupon Binder!
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Creating a Winter Emergency Car Kit

As previously stated (I think more than a few times) all over my site – There have been so many accidents claiming the lives of people in our area lately.  So although Winter may not “fully” be here, I can’t help but have the horrendous driving conditions Winter brings, on my mind.  This year I am adamant on making sure our vehicle is ready and loaded with an Winter Emergency Kit, should something terrible happen.
…And yeah.  Literally *knocking on wood* as I type cool

Emergency Car Kit

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10 Simple Ways to Get Organized this Fall

Whether it be getting the kids ready for back to school, or just bringing in the new season – Fall is the perfect time to 'clean up' and get things organized around the house! The cooler weather and festive holidays will be here before you know it:  Wouldn't it feel great to be ready?
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Around the Home: How to Organize a Linen Closet

Do you have a closet in your home that is just plain scary to go into?
I had one.  The very thought of even having to open the door to it, would have me stressed out.
This is the closet in our home that was referred to as "The Monica Closet".
It was overloaded with samples, towels, cleaning products…small woodland animals.
You name it, I had it.

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