CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara Review

Hi Friends!
With a few minor mishaps this past month, my CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara review has been long overdue (but not late haha).

The CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara is designed to give the impression and look of 'false lashes' and producing up to 400x more corner to corner volume.  Did it hold up to it's promises?  Read on to hear my impression! I have to admit – I'm not a huge fan of falsies.
However, the CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara really did seem somewhat intriguing.
I do love the look of "very black" and I do love my lashes to stand out.
With that being said – How did the CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara work out for me?
Well…Let's start with the basics:

How to Apply
1) Start with the narrow and short bristles at the base of your lashes
2)  Pull the Styler wand through your lashes giving a bit of a twist and turn
3)  Continue to sculpt and style your lashes until you have acheived your satisfied look


CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara Styling Wand

How Easy is it to Use?
If mascara's your 'thing' I definitely don't think you will have any issues acheiving the look you want.
If you're a newbie to mascara of course, just like any other techinqued makeup, it may take a few tries.
I did take it off and reapply a few times to see if I could acheive that *perfect* look.


CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara Results

Long Lasting?  Easy to Wash Off?
I found this mascara to be long lasting and not easily smudged.
It washes off nicely and super gentle, without any scrubbing neccessary…A definite plus!

Overall Feelings and Would I Recommend It?
For me personally, I don't think this is a mascara I would be running out to buy.  
I found the slim tiny wand awkward to work with and the mascara very clumpy once applied, making it a bit harder to "fan".
The Super Sizer mascara absolutely adds the length it claims and I think for anyone with the patience to give it a go (and loves that fanned out look), this could possibly be the mascara for you.
For me personally, that fanned out look isn't really for me.  I love a big bristly brush and I love to be able to slap on some mascara and go, without putting a ton of thought into it.  My favorite being, CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion.
This may however be a nice look for upcoming holiday parties (even New years Eve) when I tend to go heavier on the makeup, so in that sense I am excited to have it as fun, new addition in my makeup bag!

Have you tried the CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara?
What did you think?

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