Thrifty Business: Summertime Onesie Haul

Summer Onesie Haul for Thriftster Babies

Oh hey there…
I know.
It’s been a minute or two since I’ve been productive here on the Wifetime Blog.

I had a pretty decent string of creativity and then it just flew out the window lol.
At the same time, I have been trying to juggle both my online stores: Thriftster Babies (thrifted clothes for kids) and OMG I Had That (where I sell memories of days gone by).

Well, among all the chaos of the weird World we have been living in since March, I have kind of been all over the map when it came to staying on top of stuff.  For a while there sales really started hoppin’ over at OMG and my online thrifty kids clothing shop took a back seat, becoming severely neglected.

I decided this week I was going to overhaul the look of Thriftsters, get some SEO stuff straightened out (possibly? ugh), scour Instagram for people potentially interested in what I have to offer and best of all…KEEP STOCKING THOSE SHELVES!!

Of course, stocking is the super fun part of an online store; and naturally when people see what you do they think it’s all fun and games 😁 I mean like, it is… but you know, the “paperwork” kind of stuff is what ties in your businesses and sales, and that can get migrainy. You never hear someone say they love the annoyances of their job haha 🥴

Alright, enough chatter.
Who wants to see a baby clothes haul?
This week I was able to snag a big bundle of (mainly) onesies.. or was it all onesies?
Wait no, it definitely wasn’t…But that’s what I’ll be showing you today, and only a few, since this is only a sneak peek!

I absolutely love these hot pink, animal print pieces from Calvin Klein. Very summer-vibes diva.  They’re already listed on Thriftster Babies, and reasonably priced.  Of course, if interested – you can always just search term words you are interested in, such as “calvin” and whatever I have in stock for Calvin Klein will pop up.

I mean, that’s my whole goal here.
To bring you the coolest clothes at ridiculously great prices.

Next up we have the Nautical bundles by Nautica; and I’m just totally in love with these marina themed onesies.

Now, these may or may not be listed by the time I get this blog post up, because once again I am totally out of order, trying to get things in order haha. If you’re wondering, just search “nautica” on ThriftsterKids eBay.

Versatile for boy or girl and quite easily dressed up or down for baby’s summer days on the water!

As you can probably tell by the initial cover pic, these definitely weren’t the only cool finds I grabbed for the shop this week, but I figured by showcasing the Nautica and Calvin’s it would give you a little idea of what we carry. 

Oh, actually you know I have one more outfit I want to show off for a bit of Welcome Summer fun!
You must see this incredibly cute and stylin “pretty flamingo” t-shirt and shorts set.  

I want to say this piece is practically brand new, and that is one thing I really aim to bring you guys when picking out clothing.

Well, that’s all the Summer fun I will show off for this week.

Before I go:
I was thinking about doing clothing haul videos so you guys actually have the chance to view some items before they go into shop. This could be an opportunity to get a better idea of color or feel (because let’s face it.  My photos certainly don’t do the pieces any justice.  I must do better.  And I will).   These videos could even be a way to further discount items; such as if you see it and like it before they get listed, you could claim.  I’ll sleep on the idea.. My wheels are always turning, but execution is key here haha.

Until next haul!…

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