Garnier Whole Blends: Review + Free Sample!

Love is in the air hair!
Garnier Whole Blends ReviewCome join me for my review of the new Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner!

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Temptations Snacky Snowman: Review

Sorry about getting this up so late, as I did want to have it reviewed before Christmas so you too could treat your furry friend to one!
However, better late than never aaaand you could always still grab one now seeing as a snowman is nice and wintery 😉

Temptations Snacky Snowman Cat ToyJoin me now for our review of Temptations Snacky Snowman!

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What’s Your Winter Name?

A little Wintery-Fun! Enjoy! 🙂

Whats Your Name Game

What's YOUR Winter Name?
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Tips & Tricks that may help calm your Migraine

As migraine sufferers we will go to the end of the Earth to find a cure.  While there may not be one readily available for us at the time being – It will never stop our constant struggle for seeking out basically anything to help calm our heads while under attack!
how to cure a migraineCome join me now for a few personal tips on how to calm your migraine 🙂

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Positive Living: New Year, New You…For Real.

With a new year arriving many of us start out on the notion of "New Year, New Me".  But as weeks and months go on, we tend to fall back into the same pattern as years gone by, without any resolution to the things that plague us.

New Year New You

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Crock-Pot: Little Dipper Lasagna Dip

Whether you're looking for a nice snack for Netflix night, or a delicious appetizer for your guests – This Crock-Pot Lasagna Dip is a crowd pleaser!
Lasagna Dip

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Beating the Lonely Winter Blues

Christmas has come and gone and as each year when this joyous holiday passes, I know a lot of us tend to feel in a bit of a rut or maybe even a little sad.How to beat the Winter BluesIt's hard on our mental well being and can really just bring an overall feeling of stress and loneliness.  Let's try to curb those drab feelings this year!  Join me now for a few suggestions on how to Beat the Winter Blues!

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How to Create a Vision Board

If you're just getting started (or even seasoned) in the knowledge of The Law of Attraction, you may have heard of a little thing called a Vision Board.
How to make a vision boardHave you been curious about making one?  Join me now on How to Create a Vision Board and let's start attracting that positivity into your LIFE!

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Review

Admittingly, I too once had dreams of making it "big" – Whether it be at the Playboy mansion, or strutting my stuff on the catwalks of Paris.
Okay – So I don't have to boobs, the height or the face (haha) and dreams we once had as children usually (or in my case, absolutely) become a faded memory.

Down the Rabbit Hole Holly MadisonWith that being said, it sure has never stopped me from *wondering* just what does go on "Behind-the-Scenes" of the lives of the Rich and Famous.  Join me now for the review of Down the Rabbit Hole!

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Unborn – The Birthright Theft Series: Review

Earlier this month I was contacted from Vanquish Books for the possible interest in a book review.  Although a bit hesitant, as sci-fi generally isn't a category I would pick up and read, the synopsis sounded quite intriguing.  
Daniel Gage UnbornWho knows…Maybe I could enjoy this genre after all?  Join me now for the review of Daniel Gage's Unborn – The Birthright Theft Series!

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