PR Friendly Blogger: Product Review Stipulations

Product Review Stipulations

Although I am open to offers and suggestions, I must make it clear that I do not work for 'free'.  I put a lot of time and effort into my posts to ensure my readers have a genuine, nice and honest experience on my site.

Examples of reviews that would be a good fit for the Wifetime of Happiness Blog:

Beauty (cruelty free)
Book Reviews
Cat Products (no food, treats are fine)
Food and Recipes (vegan only)
Gift Lists
Health & Wellness (no pills / supplements)
Household Products
His and her
Mens Products
Positive Living
Womens Products

Please DO NOT contact:
– Asking me to write a random article (and insert your link in it)
– Asking me to list or review your product without physically sending me one
– Asking me to list your random company link in an article "somewhere" on my site
These emails are frequent and deleted promptly.

Please feel free to CONTACT if:
– You are willing to send a physical product
– You offer a fair proposal for my time and work
– You feel your product is a good fit with my lifestyle blog

Please be transparent in what you are looking for on my behalf; (YouTube, Blog Review etc) 
Links are always "no follow" – no exception.

Wifetime of Happiness PRICE LIST

Thank you for understanding and I hope we can connect soon!
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contact: wifetimeofhappiness AT hotmail DOT com