The Perfect Rainy Day (Girly) Movie List

Rainy days are quite possibly one of the best for those lazy weekends, hold up in bed with a bag of cheetos and a 6 pack of soda. 
girly movies for a rainy dayOkay, so lately it's been a little healthier.  A couple avocados and a pot of green tea – But nonetheless.. I love a rainy day and I looove movies.

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10 Throwback Family-Friendly Movies for Summertime!

Summer Movie List for Kids!…summer movies for kidsCome on in and check out the best throwback, Family-Friendly Summer Movies the whole family can enjoy!

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Summer Movie List: Top 10 Personal Picks

Hello, Honey's!
If you've stumbled across this (awesome) Top 10 Summer Movie List, I'm guessing 1 of 2 things:
1)  It's the dead of winter and the only thing that could possibly put a smile on your face right now, would be warm sand between your toes and a gentle tropical breeze on your face.  Orrr
2)  It's so dang hot out, sweat literally pours down your beautiful face the minute you've reached the front door, thus bringing you to one of those Lazy Days of Summer where it's just more pleasant to experience it from the inside :))  

Top 10 Summer MoviesNo matter how you got here – Thanks for stopping by and let's get this kick-ass list started!

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Top 10 Movies: Fall Edition

September is here!
Ahh yes, gusty winds, fluttering leaves, over-sized sweaters and just that warm feeling that hits your heart once the weather starts cooling down.
Autumn always has such a beautiful atmosphere and I just absolutely adore it.  Although Summer is great there is something so comforting about Fall…and Fall-Themed movies.

Top 10 Fall Movies
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