Summertime Berenstain Bear Books

Recently I chatted about my love for the Berenstain Bears over on my Christmas in July (Berenstain Bear Christmas Books) post – Please feel free to venture over if you'd love a little back-story…Which really, isn't that much of a back-story – But I *do* declare my love.
summertime berenstain bear booksToday I won't keep us long with a lot of chit-chat.  I love being able to just dive into an article, or have some fun on a site without feeling bogged down in a lot of unnecessary reading.  I'm a lady on a mission (most of the time) and I really just need to get in and get out haha.  Come on in and join me for some fun!

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Berenstain Bear Christmas Books

It's that time of year again!
Berenstain Bear Christmas Books…Okay, so it's not. 
But it is time for a Christmassy Treat, as I can't let July pass by without *something* to celebrate a little Christmas in July. 
Come on in and see what's in store – I think you're gonna love it!

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Awesome Pool Floats to Kick off your Summer & Beat the Heat!

Summer has finally arrived and we're just about to head into some of the hottest months of the year…
awesome pool floatsWhether you're cooling off in your own pool or at the beach – Be the hit of any party this summer with these awesome pool floats!

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The Etiquette of Gift Giving

The whole idea behind gift giving is it is supposed to be an unselfish act of doing something nice for someone else. how to give a gift Whether realizing it or not, you could very well be disrespecting the (very specific) person.

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12 Awesome {Christmas} Gifts for Her

Stuck on ideas for the lady in your life?
Need a little inspiration for that perfect holiday gift?

Awesome Gifts for Her
Join me and check out this fun list of Awesome Christmas Gifts for her!

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Stocking Stuffers for Men: Booze & Food Edition

So basically, I'm trying to not break the bank here.  I know how frustrating it can be while searching out ideas and sure, they can be beautiful suggestions, but are they budget friendly?
Awesome Stocking Stuffers for MenLet's fill up those stockings this year…without being scared to check the bank balance afterward 😉

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12 Unique Advent Calendars: For kids of all ages!

Tired of the same old chocolate calendar?
Ring in your December Holiday Countdown each day with something creative this year!

Advent Calendar Ideas

Join me as I check out 12 unique advent calendars for kids of ALL ages!

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How to Host a White Elephant Gift Exchange

Between office parties, family and friends, holiday expenses can really add up.
A fun way to cut back on some of these expenses could be a gift exchange, rather than individual gifts for everyone.

How to host a white elephant gift exchangeHosting a White Elephant Gift Exchange is not only a great way to cut back on some of those expenses..But a fun excuse to throw a holiday get-together!

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