Stiff Arm Steal: Review

Stiff Arm Steal – Adventure awaits in the Sunshine State!

Stiff Arm Steal AJ StewartJoin me today for my review of Stiff Arm Steal – A Miami Jones Novel by A.J. Stewart…

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Deadly Independence: Review

Looking for a fun, cozy mystery to kick off your July 4th holiday?
deadly independence laura pauling Join me today for my review of Deadly Independence by Laura Pauling smiley

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Modern Family Cookbook: Review

Calling all Modern Family fans!  From healthy to sweet, you're in for a treat!
modern family cookbookJoin me today for my review of the Modern Family Cookbook.

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Sunbaked Snowbird: Review

Add a little sunshine to your day with a fun Kindle Download! smiley
Sunbaked Snowbird Molly DoxCome join me for my review of Sunbaked Snowbird by Molly Dox!

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Christmas Quotes: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas – Review

This month I was contacted by Gabi Rupp – The author of inspirational picture quote books.  I couldn't have been happier when asked to join her review team!
Inspirational Picture Quotes about ChristmasJoin me now for my review of Inspiration Pictures and Quotes about Christmas!

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Review

Admittingly, I too once had dreams of making it "big" – Whether it be at the Playboy mansion, or strutting my stuff on the catwalks of Paris.
Okay – So I don't have to boobs, the height or the face (haha) and dreams we once had as children usually (or in my case, absolutely) become a faded memory.

Down the Rabbit Hole Holly MadisonWith that being said, it sure has never stopped me from *wondering* just what does go on "Behind-the-Scenes" of the lives of the Rich and Famous.  Join me now for the review of Down the Rabbit Hole!

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Unborn – The Birthright Theft Series: Review

Earlier this month I was contacted from Vanquish Books for the possible interest in a book review.  Although a bit hesitant, as sci-fi generally isn't a category I would pick up and read, the synopsis sounded quite intriguing.  
Daniel Gage UnbornWho knows…Maybe I could enjoy this genre after all?  Join me now for the review of Daniel Gage's Unborn – The Birthright Theft Series!

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12 Days of Novellas – Day 12: The 12 Dates of Christmas by Nancy Warren: Review + Recipe!

Day 12 of The 12 Days of Novellas is already here!
Naturally I wanted to wrap up our series with "12" of something – So here we have it!

12 Dates of Christmas by Nancy Warren
Join me on our last day of festive-fun for my review of The 12 Dates of Christmas by Nancy Warren and another delicious, contributed recipe!

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