2017 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

Now Accepting Submissions for 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
product reviewers for christmasWhen choosing a Reviewer for your product this year, please consider Wifetime oHappiness for your companies needs!  Come on inside for more details on how you can list your producft with Wifetime of Happiness this Holiday Season…

The Following Categories Will Be Considered:
•  Cats
•  Men's
•  Fashion
•  Kitchen
•  Jewelry
•  Gadgets
•  Women's
•  His and Her
•  Home Decor
•  Stocking Stuffers
•  Holiday Items or Decor
•  Vegan food and snacks (must also be gluten and corn free)

 We must feel confident and comfortable with the product you are offering. 
  YouTube Reviews will be considered if interested! (My YouTube Channel)

What We Need from You:
•  Social Media Links of Company
•  Full Size Product Sample (will not be returned)
•  Would You Like a Giveaway? (Additional Fee Applies)
•  Any Discount Codes Being Offered?  (Please include, if so.)
•  High Resolution Images of the Product (aim for at least 2 pls)
•  Where to Purchase/Website Link (I will also link with my personal Amazon Affiliates)

Why List with Wifetime?
Well Organized
Attention to detail posts
Numbers are growing daily
Repeat Advertisement  for your product throughout the Holiday Season (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc)

I am confident you will be satisfied with your product review and listing.
Please keep in mind, although we are in Ontario, Canada – Wifetime of Happiness has an 82%+ United States Reader Rate!  

Wifetime of Happiness PRICE LIST
Ready to list?  Let's get in touch!
wifetimeofhappiness@hotmail.com with Subject Line "Holiday Gift Guide"

Thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!
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Daily Routine: 5 Quick and Simple Tips for a Tidy Home

I say this genuinely and it's that I really feel we could all use a more relaxed, less stressful kind of life.  
how to keep your house cleanKeeping up with housework should not add to the stress of every day life, but I know sometimes it can get right out of hand…

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20 Movies to Get You Into the Fall Spirit!

20 Movies to Get You Into the Fall Spirit!
halloween movie suggestionsFall weather is here and we can finally open those windows and breathe in a bit of fresh, crisp fall air!…

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How to Remove Label and Sticker Residue

How to easily remove sticker and label residue
how to remove labels from jars
You've peeled, soaked and peeled again, yet there is always that annoying tiiiny bit of sticker residue left behind on your jar, that becomes a complete pain in the you-know-what.  Come on inside and I'll show you a quick way to get that jar sparkling with one product I bet you already have on hand!…

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4th of July Patriotic Playlist

Ultimate 4th of July Patriotic Playlist 4th of july playlist So I started this list with the intention of just throwing a few "cool" songs on a cute little template for your patriotic shindig. However, once I got going, I realized just how many songs I really didn't want to leave off haha… Continue reading →

DIY Sea Salt Spray

DIY Sea Salt Beach Spray
how to make sea salt sprayBringing you the scent and feel of the Ocean, any time….

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Favorite Blend Cream Cheese Dip

Hey y'all!
The 4th of July, BBQs and Summer Parties are just around the corner and I just know we are all scouring the web, looking for tasty appetizers to serve up, amirite? Hehe…

easy cream cheese dipCome on inside for the creamiest, tastiest and easiest cream cheese dip recipe, that is sure to please your friends and family!…

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Pineapple Coconut Poke Cake

Okay, so I want to fully disclose that I have no idea where this recipe originated.  It was passed to me through a friend; If you know..Please let *me* know so I can give credit where credit is due. It's definitely not my intention to steal a recipe (or anything) and pass it off as my own.  
Easy Pineapple Coconut CakePhew, okay.. With that being said, this cake is SO delicious, I just *had* to share.

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How to Quickly Stop a Toothache

I won't hold you down with a lot of yippity yap here – I know you're in pain…
how-to-quickly-stop-a-toothacheCome on in and I'll show you a FAST and EFFECTIVE way to calm that toothache in MINUTES…

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Is Ali Express’ Buyer Protection a Scam? Why I Don’t Trust Ali Express

This is just my personal story in dealing with this website (and UPS) and why I never will again.
ali express buyer protection scamOn Feb 16th, I made a purchase from a website (aliexpress.com).  When the package arrived, it had a large duty fee attached to it, so I decided to send it back.  I initialed, gave the package back to the UPS driver and that was that.  Little did I know, nor was I informed of how the process 'actually' works.

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