Weekly Horoscope | January 7th 2018 to January 13th 2018

weekly horoscope 2018

Welcome to your weekly horoscope for January 7th, 2018 to January 13th, 2018
These are general readings brought to you from myself, which may or may not resonate, as they are for many people around the World.  Please keep in mind horoscopes / readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.  Accuracy is not guaranteed.  This site contains affiliate links, which of course come at no cost to you.  Please see Privacy Policy for full disclosure.

January 7th, 2018 – January 13th, 2018

You are in a position of power this week, Aries. Those less fortunate could use some of your good will toward men. Come mid week I see a strong bond either between friends or perhaps a partnership. This person will lead you into a greater path. The weekend tells that you will need to slow down. Negative (or reminiscing) thoughts may creep up. Don’t let them weigh you down.
Mood: Feeling mighty, you are ready and able to take on any troublesome tasks.

You have a specific goal in mind that for whatever reason, keeps falling just out of range. Your mind is focused, so tap into that intuition..There could be someone holding you back. You’ve really hit the jackpot when it comes to “putting it together” come mid week and you’re about to make it rain!! Your weekend shows many different voices coming at you from all angles. You’re powerful, but you must take it easy before you hand out some not-so-wise advice.
Mood: A burst of energy is on the rise. This is just what you need after a slump.

An invitation to a social event could be coming your way early on in the week, Gemini. I know you’re busy, but this is a time to celebrate – so accept! Come mid week, there is definitely something on the horizon when it comes to a relationship. Everyone is seeking your attention.. not something you’re used to! Take it easy this weekend. Use those days to relax and recharge. It looks like new opportunities could be offered; you’ll need to stay well.
Mood: You’re loving life at the moment. Feeling content, there’s not much more you’d ask for.

You’re finally getting some much needed mental rest, Cancer. You could have an important decision to make, but trust you are making the correct one. Mid week finds you feeling goal oriented. You have a few ideas in mind; write them down but don’t implement them quite yet. Vibrant can be the only way to describe your weekend. you we’re ready for a battle, turns out it won’t go that far – Yahoo!
Mood: You’re feeling grounded this week, Cancer. If you’re thinking of reconnecting with someone, it’d be a great time to do so.

If you’re looking to enroll in any classes, whether it be out of curiosity or the purpose of higher education, this week is a great week to do so. This may however put a strain on any type of daily routine within your household or work schedule. See if you can work around it, great potential is there!
Mood: Feeling grounded and open minded. A good week to make decisions.

Sometimes we tend to bite off more than we can chew. This can happen in regards to pretty much anything. But for you Virgo, this week it is contemplation. You seem to be running down a path from the past, in a sense. All that wondering of “what if” will not make the actual, present situation any clearer. In order to go after what it really is you want, you must pull yourself out of this rut and face the “real” day. Move forward with not decisions of yesteryear, but of the future.
Mood: Overreactions because of past decisions. Too much focus on the past.

A not so calm week ahead dear, Libra. There are many people, from different aspects, surrounding you this week. All demanding time and answers. It feels as though you are barely keeping your head above water. As humans, we tend to make rash decisions based on how we are feeling at that exact time. You must rest before you finalize anything.
Mood: Meditation may help to make clear decisions this week.

We’ve been taught “not everyone who smiles in your face is your friend”. You must heed that warning this week, Scorpio. Someone close to you is not being truthful. It seems that others may be connected to this and do not want to get involved. Ask around, but in a subtle way.
Mood: Your instincts may be strong this week; follow your gut feeling.

A good week to get organized, Sag. Any positive changes to ones life can only mean one thing…happiness. Or at least a relief or load taken off. You’ve been holding in too much and Lord knows your mind has about had it with “happy visions” that never seem to blossom. A darker situation may arise middle-ish of the week, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Remember: It’s already said and done – Move on.
Mood: Feeling spiritual.  Take this time to connect and ask for any guidance that may be needed.

This is a lovely week for you, Capricorn! Putting old quarrels and qualms aside could really bring a sense of not only closure, but happiness to your life. Deep down you know the fault is not 100% on someone else. So take this time to welcome the new lease you have on life.
Mood: Mind and heart running smooth.

A busy, busy week for you Aquarius. You feel refreshed and ready to take on the World. Creative endeavors from the past may open doors of opportunity this week. A lot of decision making professionally and on the home front. Don’t forget the little people!
Mood: Your mind is running amok. You need a break and soon as not to burn out.

Better hang on, Pisces; You’re in for a turbulent week. So much to get done for your regular day to day, on top of arising issues at home. There may be a bit of a power struggle when it comes to a big decision. Don’t feel defeated, you’ll get through this. Life has a way of working out exactly how it should.
Mood: This week you may find yourself on a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

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