Weekly Horoscope | December 31st 2017 to January 6th 2018

weekly horoscope 2018

Welcome to your weekly horoscope for December 31st, 2017 to January 6th, 2018.
These are general readings brought to you from myself, which may or may not resonate, as they are for many people around the World.  Please keep in mind horoscopes / readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.  Accuracy is not guaranteed. 
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December 31st, 2017 – January 6th, 2018

The start of the week shows a  sense of renewal.  This has to do with someone (or multiple people) that are close to you.  With others by your side, you will face any challenges head on and with an open mind.  By mid week you will have come to a certain conclusion, do not question yourself.  Stand up for what you believe is right.  Heading into the weekend shows you may have a tough choice to make.  It seems offers of sorts are coming at you left, right and center! Stay focused.
Mood:  You are ready to start this new year off right.  Feeling passionate and on top of your game.

You may be headed into the new year solo, Taurus.  I can see that look of a little self doubt on your face…Why?  Now's your time to shine – Move forward with confidence! There is nothing but brighter pastures ahead.  The middle of the week finds you with great inner strength.  You have the tools to get through this rocky time, use them!  This coming weekend you may find yourself reminiscing.  That's okay…Just don't let it hold you back.
Mood:  Although feeling doubtful, I can see there is nothing but clear skies ahead.  Work through the madness, you'll be thankful you did.


If there is a strong father (or mother) like figure in your life, now may be the time to ask them for the guidance you seek.  They are willing to help, all you have to do is ask.   Come mid week you may have a clearer understanding of the path you would like to take.  You may not have all the answers, but you're definitely on the right track.  There is light if you stick to a plan. Come weeks end you are confident in realizing something must change. Do not however, disregard any information you may have been given. 
Mood:  Get in touch with your inner self and listen to the guidance (spiritual or otherwise) that has come to you. 

As the story "always" seems to go, you may be faced with a certain dilemma this week.  This is not necessarily a dramatic or bad situation, you are however, looking for the answer in the wrong direction.  Reevaluate asap.  Mid week finds you feeling both mentally and physically exhausted.  Check your vitamin levels and have a little relaxing time, however you can fit it in.  Come the weekend you are feeling refreshed and your situation seems to be sorting itself out.  Don't go crazy, but maybe take in a drink or two and a good conversation with a friend.
Mood: You feel like the storm is never just a storm, but more like a hurricane.  Take it easy, it's passing.

You are in the midst of making a tough decision, Leo.  Your loved ones are by your side, but ultimately this is a decision you have to make on your own. There is promise of what I see may be a higher position, but also may look like it comes with a price.  Heading into your mid week I see that you are struggling to find balance.   No need for the blank stare, trust your intuition.  You are the leader of your group Leo, you may be called upon for some guidance…It seems a few people have you on their mind.  And guess what?  You're feeling sharp as a tack!
Mood:  Again I see some strong leadership happening.  You really do hold all the power this week, Leo.

There may be something at the beginning of this week that calls for "justice", so to speak.  You have the upper hand in this situation, however…Make sure you are using a clear vision before going forward. Mid week shows that you may need to take a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective, Virgo.  Being quite the confident individual, this could be a struggle.  Okay, so you were right all along.  Proceed into the weekend with the confidence you made the right choice.  You may not know, but others are speaking highly of you!
Mood:  Your mood shows you have definitely done your best to see things from all angles.  Shape shifting of sort.  It wasn't that bad, was it?

This week shows you off to a roaring start, Libra.  Looks like you are finally finding the answers to a few questions that have been lingering.  You are showing high mental awareness this week; stay alert and focused.  By mid week you may find yourself overwhelmed with more than one "problem".  Stress related health issues could arise.  Your weekend shows a much brighter future.  Opportunities are knocking! Looks like a few offers are on the table.
Mood: Shadows of doubt cast over you at this time.  Try to remain calm.

Out with the old and in with the new.  Scorpio, you know absolutely what it is that you want.  What a great week to "rid yourself" of any grievances and get this new year started off right!  You are feeling generous and playful come mid week.  Skies are clear and your sense of renewal really has you feeling happy and at ease.  Heading into the weekend, I see a strong sense of creativity.  Get any new ideas or thoughts down on paper while you're hot!
Mood: The new year has definitely brought you a sense of "rebirth".  You are focused and ready for new challenges. 

A rocky start to the New Year, Sag.  This could however be remnants of an issue past.  You are headed in the right direction, but this situation needs your attention and clearing up asap. When it comes to family midweek, you feel you have to take the initiative for pretty much everything.  It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  Your words are being heard, not to worry.  This weekend shows favorable for charity of sort.  If you didn't get around to clearing those closets, or purging any unused items, this is a good time to do it.
Mood:  You're feeling content.  Down to Earth, as they call it.  

You are finally out of hot water, Capricorn.  It hasn't been easy as of late, but you can approach this new week with a breath of fresh air.  Past decisions made, or the way a certain situation was played out could be weighing on you, come mid week.  Talk it out with a trusted friend.  Preferably someone who always sees the "bright side".  The weekend shows you are again ready to face the day with a strong sense of self.  At this time you should be overcoming the emotional rollercoaster that seemed to take it's toll.
Mood: Your mood this week shows you are willing to view the situation(s) in a new, positive light.  Being open-minded will help the healing process.

A recent issue has been keeping you up at night, Aquarius.  It's okay to contemplate, but not to dwell and definitely not to drain yourself of needed energy.  Struggles may continue throughout the week; someone (or something) is not coming through as truthful.  You have the insight to see it (them) for what the situation really is, make sure you are using it.  The coming weekend shows a lot of passion.  You're sticking out from the crowd.  This is the perfect time to take on a new endeavor.
Mood:  Your mood this week may be somber.  You do however, know times are not as bleak as they seem.

Too many people have become involved in an issue.  This is causing (or will cause) you to make an unwise decision.  Motives are not clear and they definitely aren't all good intentions.  Be careful.  Mid week shows you have taken the initiative to conquer the task alone and research will pay off.  Weekend coming in shows chaos surrounded what could be, your home life.  You are however, in a position of power here.
Mood:  You must get back to "nature" this week, Pisces.  Time alone with either rest or meditation is necessary.

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