Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

stocking stuffer ideas for men wifetime of happiness 2017

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If you can believe it, we're already halfway through November!  Actually.. I "can" believe it.  To be honest, this year has been looong and I am itchin' to hit that New Year haha.  Well…Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which of course means Black Friday and Christmas are right there too.  Stockings are always a fun way to spread a little Christmas cheer, but also aren't always the easiest when it comes to the actual stuffing and coming up with new ideas year after year.  Well friends, this year I hope to help you out (even if just a little) with a few new ideas. 

πŸš— Auto
Air Compressor
(amazon: US, Canada)
ArmorAll Cleaning Wipes (amazon: US, Canada, UK
Car Organizer (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Ice Scraper
Microfiber Wash Mitt 
(amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Sunglasses Clip (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Tire Pressure Gauge (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Wiper Blades

πŸ• Food & Drink
BBQ Smoker Box
(amazon: US, Canada, UK) 
Beer Chillers
(amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Beer Koozie (funny, favorite sports team etc)
Beer Salts
(amazon: US)
Bristle-Free BBQ Brush (amazon: US)
Favorite Blend of Coffee
Festive Peanuts / Pretzels / Snacks
Hot Sauce Set
(amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Popcorn Seasonings (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Rapid Ramen Cooker
(amazon: US)

Collar Perfect Portable Iron
(amazon: US)
Handy Heater (amazon: US, Canada, US)
Luggage Scale (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Magnogrip (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Mini Drone (amazon: US, UK)
(amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Multi Port USB (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Multi Tool Pen (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Powerbank (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Tactical Flashlight (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Tens Massager (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Toolcard Pro (amazon: US, Canada)
Wireless Headphones (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Wireless Weather Station (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
World Travel Adapter (amazon: US, Canada, UK)

πŸ’³ Gift Card Ideas
(amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Car Wash
Tickets: Concert, Movies, Sporting Event

🀹🏼Just for Fun
Crossword / Word Search Book
Dual Sided Loofah
(amazon: US, Canada)
Hand Sanitizer
Nail Clippers
Novelty Socks
(amazon: US)
Pocket Planner (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Tide Pen

Touchscreen Gloves (amazon: US, Canada, UK)
Scratch Card Scratcher
(amazon: US)
Video Game
Favorite Sports Team Knit Hat
(amazon: US)

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