Mrs. White’s Holiday Movie Madness Countdown: November

Snuggle up with the Wifetime of Happiness Fam this holiday season and join us for Mrs. White's Holiday Movie Madness Countdown!
huge-list-of-christmas-moviesThis joyus season comes, but once a year and this year, I tend to make thee absolute most of it!  Movies, baking, music…Anything that will truly make my heart sing with happiness, is welcome!  This huge list of Christmas Movies are sure to get you into the spirit!

This year I've decided to do a little something different, just to bring a bit of festive fun to the blog and also to Wifetime of Happiness on Facebook.
Mrs. White's Holiday Movie Madness Countdown – You can watch, as we watch!

So grab your favorite hot beverage, snuggly pj's and curl up for some of the most heart warming, festive films that are sure to bring that Christmas Spirit into your hearts and homes!  If you're not onk Facebook 24/7, but still want to catch up with this holly-jolly list, be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back for the updated list of what's coming up and what you've missed!

Mrs. White's Holiday Movie Madness Countdown List November:

November 3rd
One Magic Christmas
(available on or
Christmas Caper  (available on
Christmas Snow  (available on

November 4th
The Holiday
(available on or
Christmas for a Dollar (available on or

November 5th
A Holiday to Remember  
(available on or
Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade  (available on or
Christmas Lodge  (available on or
An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving  (available on or

November 6th
Christmas Romance  (available on
Borrowed Hearts (available on or

November 7th
Comfort and Joy
(available on or
The Road to Christmas (available on or

November 8th
Defending Santa
(available on or
A Miracle on Christmas Lake (available on or

November 9th
Home by Christmas
(available on or
Nine Lives of Christmas (available on or

November 10th
Homecoming:  A Christmas Story
(available on or
Merry Ingalls Christmas (available on or

November 11th
The Christmas Card
(available on
Silent Night (available on

November 12th
Angels in the Snow  
(available on or
Christmas in Connecticut  (available on
A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale  (available on or
The Christmas Wife (available on or

November 13th
Jingle All the Way
(available on or
Jack Frost (available on or

November 14th
Last Holiday
(available on or
While You Were Sleeping (available on or

November 15th
Holiday Wishes
(available on or
Christmas Comes to Willow Creek (available on or

November 16th
The Christmas Gift
(available on or
An Evergreen Christmas (available on or

November 17th
The Santa Suit
(available on or
November Christmas (available on or

November 18th
Silver Bells
(available on or
Mountain Men (available on or

November 19th
Grumpy Old Men
(available on or
A Doggone Christmas (available on or
Grumpier Old Men (available on or
A Snow Globe Christmas (available or

November 20th
Fallen Angel
(available on
Finding John Christmas (available on

November 21st
Growing the Big One  
(available on or
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (available on or

November 22nd
Garfield's Thanksgiving  
(available on or
A Family Thanksgiving  (available on

November 23rd
What's Cooking  
(available on or
Planes, Trains and Automobiles  (available on or

November 24th
The Thanksgiving Treasure  
(available on or
Dutch  (available on or

November 25th
A Christmas Visitor  
(available on or
The Christmas Shoes  (available on or

November 26th
Christmas Do-Over  
(available on or
The Family Man  (available on or
Four Brothers  (available on or
Lucky Christmas  (available on or

November 27th
Holiday Baggage  
(available on or
One Special Night  (available on or

November 28th
A Christmas Wish  
(available on or
A Different Kind of Christmas  (available on or

November 29th
Trapped in Paradise  
(available on or
Reindeer Games  (available on or

November 30th
Once Upon a Christmas  
(available on
The Heart of Christmas  (available on

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