10 Hilarious Halloween Costumes for Cats (or Small Dogs)

Looking for the purrfect costume for your furry friend?halloween-costumes-for-catsCome on inside for a quick list (and a little giggle) of what we’ve dug up!

Okay – So pretty much overnight I may or may not have become a crazy cat lady, after the adoption of my 3 cats (Doakes, Hannah and Ranger). I believe it was almost mandatory.

Just as people with children (yes…I said it) get excited for the holidays to share in the memories of the look on their little ones faces, I too have sweet memories and chat worthy convo about my little ones. So be it if they’re furry. 43% of people in the US own a cat which means 43% of Americans are currently dressing up their furry felines for Halloween as we speak!

Whether my memories be for Halloween’s 3 hour struggle to catch, then plunk a pumpkin hat on Doaksey for a “Spooky Pic” (uhm…it’ll be adorable), or I stand in the kitchen, glaring at all 3 little monsters, come Thanksgiving because *somebody* stuck their paw in the pumpkin pie…(not for the taste either! did you know your cat cant taste sweet things!) Or even at Christmas when every few minutes a little rascal is opening a gift or climbing the tree.

10 Hilarious Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

NOTE: Before You Order – Please be sure to double check the size you have marked off and properly measure your cat/dog!

So truth be told, I have already added this hilarious costume to my cart. My husband jokingly text me the other day and said the cat wanted to be Batman for Halloween. I said “You mean Catman”… He said “No. Batman.” Well, now he will be – Dreams do come true, Doaksey. Turn your kitty into your own personal little fluffy superhero. This great costume can be grabbed from both amazon.com or amazon.ca

Captain Jack, Cat
Ahoy! Set sail this Halloween with a festive costume and kitty treats a bounty. I have no idea what I’m saying. I’ve never talked pirate and honestly, not too sure if I have even watched a pirate movie. Yeah yeah.. I know, Johnny Depp and all that hunka hunka jazz. Way off topic now – But grab this hilarious pirate costume for your furry friend from both amazon.com or amazon.ca

Crocodile Costume
Personally, I love this costume and I think I may add to cart. Chomp your way through the crowds with easy online shopping! This cool-croc costume is available through amazon.com or amazon.ca

Frog Hat
If you’re looking for a whole “water”/ “swamp” type theme and have multiple cats – Think about pairing this cutesy guy (seriously… How cute is this little hat haha) with the crocodile above, or maybe even the shark listed below. Grab the frog hat from amazon.com or alternatively you can also grab a full frog costume from amazon.com as well!

Kitty Policeman
I envision a kitty with the stance of authority – Let them hiss their way through Halloween night, living out the dream they were meant for – Being bossy :)) Kitty Policeman is available on both amazon.com and amazon.ca

Pikachu Costume
Alright, I have to admit something here. I have ZERO clue about anything Pokemon (which I believe Pikachu is part of?) – However, I have heard through the grapevine that Pokemon is all the rage (again?), so I definitely wanted to incorporate a little something that everyone in the World (besides myself, apparently) knows about :)) What purrfect costume for your cat or small dog. Available from amazon.com or amazon.ca

Pizza Slice Cat
Hunger Trigger Alert. If you’re looking for a chill Halloween night: Order Pizza, Eat a Pizza, Be a Pizza. This drool-worthy costume for your little buddy can be found on either amazon.com or amazon.ca. If the full body pizza suit isn’t your thang… Check out this hilarious Pizza Hat!

I have to admit, that this costume is probably one of my favorites, weighing more to the traditional side of Halloween and Fall in general. Who could resist dressing up their little punkin as a little pumpkin! Available from amazon.com or amazon.ca

Sailor Cat
If our cat Ranger could talk – I think he’d be a sailor. Ranger is “the man” – The cat everyone wants to hang with – He’s your best friend, your worst enemy and a hell of a drinkin’ buddy. I sense his sarcasm with every glance and I’m pretty sure daily he mumbles things I dare not write, under his purrs. You know, I may get him this costume just “because”. Grab your little sailor one too from amazon.com or amazon.ca

Shark Costume
Okay, so let me tell you: We actually bought “the guys” a shark costume the other day. It’s a splashin’ good time watching them dressed up and a little fin bobbin’ around – But please (like ALL the costumes listed) be sure to measure correctly! You can purchase this jawsome costume from amazon.com or amazon.ca

Minion Costume
I’m about to say it… “Add to cart” (I seriously need help haha). But how adorable are those little overalls? I’m not particularly a big fan of Despicable Me, but I have watched it and I did think it was cute. And you know, what’s *one* more costume to add to my guys tickle trunk of hilarity? Grab this pawsome costume from amazon.com or amazon.ca

So a little disclaimer here…
Please let’s not “torture” our pets with Halloween Costumes, okay?
Throw em in it, snap your hilarious pic, Instagram that bad boy and let your furry child out to be free.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun list of great cat (and small dog) costumes!
Happy Halloween!!

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