Hilarity of the Week: Funniest Facebook Comments of the Week *VOTE*

Bringing light reading to my blog followers is what I have set out to do.
Wifetime of Happiness is a mish-mash of just nice, non controversial topics, where I hope you can find *something* of interest. 
One category I have been itching to do for a while now is "Hilarity of the Week".

Funny Facebook CommentsA topic of course, with the most humorous comments I have come across for that week and we'll take a vote for the funniest 🙂  
Come on inside for this week's Funny Facebook Comments!

My Wallet's too Small for my 50's and My Diamond Shoes are too Tight…
50 cent is broke

Go Away, Justin.  Far, Far Away.
go away justin bieber

How many skipped Geography classes does it take to draw this conclusion?…
Canada is not a Country

Now, I can't promise that I will get these up every week (as I have really cut back social media use) – But I do promise to put them up as I can!   
I aim to keep my website clean and non controversial, but I'll apologize in advanced if you ever find something offensive 😉

Don't forget to vote on which comment you find the funniest…and stay tuned for the next round and to find out this week's winner!
Notice any funny comments online?
Let me know and I may feature them on the next Hilarity of the Week!
Have a great day!