Temptations Snacky Snowman: Review

Sorry about getting this up so late, as I did want to have it reviewed before Christmas so you too could treat your furry friend to one!
However, better late than never aaaand you could always still grab one now seeing as a snowman is nice and wintery 😉

Temptations Snacky Snowman Cat ToyJoin me now for our review of Temptations Snacky Snowman!

What Comes in Your Pack:

1 Snowman Toy
1 0.42 oz Bag of Temptations Cat Treats

Snacky Snowman Cat ToyPros
smiley  Snacky Snowman is tiny (around 3 inches), so he is perfect for your cat.  I mean really, cats don't need a big honkin' toy :))
smiley  He's super festive and one of the cutest Christmas cat toys I found in 2015, for my guys!
smiley  Although I found the snowman to release treats (and also come apart) a liiittle to easily, my cats are thoroughly enjoying this toy.  They love knocking around and chasing the body and head.

I mean, cats are {for the most part} easily amused with anything they can get their little paws on haha.

Okay so for the Cons…and other weird things about Snacky Snowman:

indecision  The first thing I found a bit odd about Snacky Snowman is that it wasn't available to buy in Canada (no, not even on amazon.ca).  I wrote to Temptations and asked them if it was available to Canadians and they confirmed "no". 
Cannot Buy Snacky Snowman in CanadaI found this weird because when I looked on the back of the package it said "Treats made in Canada"…"Toy made in China" haha.. Whatever, I guess.

indecision  The second con to this cute Christmassy toy is the size of the holes in the snowman.  Treats just fall right out (you'll see in video review).  The bottom of the snowman does roll around and has 3 prongs, but I suppose this is only really convenient if your treat happens to fall in the exact spot the prongs are.

indecision  The last thing I don't really find convenient about Snacky Snowman is how easily his head pops off.  I suppose really though this depends on how hard your cats are banging it around.

End Result: Would I Buy it?
Yes I would – Not because I already did haha.  But because I think it's super cute and a nice Christmassy {or Wintery} toy for the cats to have.  I don't know about anyone else, but I found the search for really festive Christmas Cat Toys almost exhausting…They don't make as much {as they should!} for cats around the holidays!

Come on over to YouTube and join the guys in their review of Temptations Snacky Snowman!

Purchase Snacky Snowman {Or Snacky Mouse} for your furry friend!