Positive Living: New Year, New You…For Real.

With a new year arriving many of us start out on the notion of "New Year, New Me".  But as weeks and months go on, we tend to fall back into the same pattern as years gone by, without any resolution to the things that plague us.

New Year New You

Many of us are guilt into such situations, whether it be from family or friends, causing us to be held back from the things we are trying to change in our life; which are some of the most important things – Our health and our sanity.  And while we are 100% responsible for our own actions, many of us to do not own up to the responsibility of actually taking charge of our lives.

New Year New Me Bullshit

Do you want a fresh start?  Do you actually want to get back to "you"?
Let's start today – It's never too late!

Let this year be the year you finally say NO!

No I will not just 'suck it up' and put a smile on my face.
If it hurts, it hurts.  You are allowed to voice this, don't keep it bottled in.
WHY?  First, it's unhealthy!  It literally eats at our mental well being when we are 'forced' into something we know is poisonous in our personal lives.  I have previously talked about "poisonous people" in an earlier post. Secondly, stress effects our overall physical health.

Let this be the year you finally say STOP!

STOP with the guilt trips.  Use the words.  I will not be compliant just to appease you.  I will not walk around with knots in my stomach or fake smiles…If even for a few hours.  Remember: The guilt tripper does not run your life.  They are not to blame for our failing to say NO.  The fact of the matter is, you owe no one an explanation for your feelings.  Take back your life this year by telling yourself (and acting on it) "There will not be one more time".

STOP taking advantage of me (my time, my kindness or whatever it may be that hurts you).  Make it known!  This year I have grown the backbone you so callously believe I do not have!  Do me a favor…Take one arm and reach it around over the opposite shoulder.  Feel that?  That my friend is your backbone – Use it! 🙂

And finally…

Let this be the year you finally say YES!

YES – I will take care of MYSELF!  And YES it is okay to do so!
YES – I want to feel happy, refreshed and on the road to a BETTER ME!

positive thoughts

Exercising our minds = Calmer Thoughts
Rather than just 'thinking' about things or people that may upset you –  Write a list.  While I (honestly hate) writing (or even thinking) about things that upset me, it's a reminder right out there in the open for me to see or maybe even help me understand a little bit more about what's going on around me.  In my personal world, I wrote things down such as:  Throughout the years I have treated people to trips, invited them out for dinner (and paid), invited them over and included them in events I feel are special.  While it may not be that I am looking for the same (or even "something") in return – What I am noticing is a pattern of take take take, not appreciated and almost as if it was owed. 

I did contemplate changing my tune.  For a moment I wondered what it would be like to be the one who just takes and never gives.  As uncanny and insane as it sounds, these are the type of people who are usually 'favored'.  It's unbelievably odd!  Then I realized just how petty that would have been.  I am not that type of person, I could not possibly stoop to that level.  

Although I have always found myself pretty much able to say no, there are a few people I have let this slip with…why?  It's mind-boggling because the sad thing is, there is no logical explanation as to "why".  This year, I will take back my life.  This can be done in a polite manner – I'm not out to become a complete asshole: I just don't feel like being someones last-resort friend, or even worse, the person who gets excluded and then handed a bunch of excuses for the reason.  And this year, like any other year and the years to come (because It will always be a work in progress!) I will become stronger, happier and always looking for a way to not only better myself, but better my life and the life I share with my husband.  

I wish all my friends and readers a very HAPPY and POSITIVE New Year!
Take back your life and ENJOY every moment

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