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Hi there, thanks for stopping by to meet us!
Our 3 Cats

Doakes, Hannah and Ranger came to live with my husband and I in December of 2015.  We "adopted" them from a boarder, after their owner had abandoned them with her.  They now reside with us…furrrever.  Going from a child free, pet free household has been quite a change!  Our living room is now adorned with beautiful decor such as a paw printed cat-tree, toys galore and of course just fur!  One thing I can say is that I never imagined how much our new furry friends would have changed our lives almost instantly, bringing so much {more} happiness and laughter into our home!

Meet the Gang 

Hannah McKat
Mom to Ranger and wife to Doakes :)) She certainly does a great job at holding her family down.  Hissing away when Ranger gets out of line and smacking Doakes on the head when he's trying to sneak in some kisses devil  
Hannah is a beautiful little girl whose favorite toy (to date) has been her Cats Meow.  She will sit at it and cry until you turn it on…and has almost mastered turning it on herself!  She loves to 'stalk' her prey and sits politely while waiting for treats to be handed out!

Ranger is the baby of the bunch (Hannah's one and only surviving kitten).  Playing all day long with his mom, dad and anything he can get his furry little paws on.  One of Ranger's favorite pastimes is climbing the fake tree in the living room as fast as possible, trying to reach the top before we catch him and take him down.  Ranger has not been acting his funny little kitteny-self the past few days, so we are keeping a close eye on him, along with the vet to see if he might need some additional care.  Fingers crossed that his behavior the other day was just a flukey thing.  He has a long life to live of playing and sleeping! 🙂

Sergeant Doakes
Aww, our little Doakesy.  Definitely the neediest of the bunch, but so super sweet.  He is finally coming around to what seems like a full potential of "happy" and that makes us happy!  Doakes favorite pastime is jumping on the counter and crying at the cupboard for his treats.  He has almost mastered opening the cupboard door..uh oh surprise  Doakes loves to bring all his toys to bed and especially loves his little crinkly mouse and cookie monster.

Our furry friends love new toys, games and reviews!  
If you know of a fun new toy, please let us know so we can try it out too! 
If you are a brand with an up and coming toy or product, please swing by the Kitty Korner to see if you would be interested in sending it to my guys for review!

Thanks for stopping by – Have a pawsome day!
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