How to Create a Vision Board

If you're just getting started (or even seasoned) in the knowledge of The Law of Attraction, you may have heard of a little thing called a Vision Board.
How to make a vision boardHave you been curious about making one?  Join me now on How to Create a Vision Board and let's start attracting that positivity into your LIFE!

What is a Vision Board?
Let's keep this short, without a lot of yap yap (It's so much FUN, you'll want to get started right away!).  In a nutshell, a vision board is big collage (just like you would make as a child).  However, this board will not be filled with just "anything".  On this board, you will cut out words/pictures that pertain to your Life and the things you would like to ATTRACT into your life.  All POSITIVE of course!  Aside from the wonderful life-changing books I have read (The Secret and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting), a vision board was the next step into my journey of Positive Living and really diving into The Law of Attraction.

Personally, I feel that a vision board should be made more of visuals, rather than words.   I find it easier to focus on..and that is exactly what this board is for and about!  FOCUSING and maintaining that focus on bringing your dreams and goals to reality.

In my personal experience a vision board has worked (100%!) when not cluttered with overlapping pictures and words.  
It's my recommendation for a CLEAR VISUAL of what you would like to attract to your life…But the choice is yours!

Now that you have a basic idea of what we will be doing…Are you ready to get started?!

You Will Need
Bristol Board
*Your Wishes and Goals*

Vision Board Materials

The next part is easy and FUN!  What are your wishes and goals?
Flip through your magazines, looking for items (or words) that specifically pertain to those areas.

how to create a vision board

Cut out as little, or as much as you like – It's all about you and your life!

Okay, now What?
Now it's time to FOCUS

We keep our vision board in whichever room we will be spending the most time in.  Sometimes it's in the bedroom, sometimes I bring it out to the living room.  We take a bit of time each day just to glance, focus & even chat about our visions.  It really helps you to live your intentions as if they are already a reality.  My board is always within eye range, so we can look over whenever we like!  My husband and I live our life each day, as if all these goals are ALREADY are in existence. 

I really hope you'll enjoy this exercise!
And I really hope some of you will try it out!
Even if you're skeptical, or may find the whole thing a bit silly.. 

There's never any harm in TRYING!
You may just wind up pleasantly surprised!

Have you created a vision board?  Has it worked for you?  I'd love to chat!
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