Tips & Tricks that may help calm your Migraine

As migraine sufferers we will go to the end of the Earth to find a cure.  While there may not be one readily available for us at the time being – It will never stop our constant struggle for seeking out basically anything to help calm our heads while under attack!
how to cure a migraineCome join me now for a few personal tips on how to calm your migraine 🙂

Of course I would like to start off by saying, by no means am I giving "advice" and you should always talk to your DR before proceeding with anything that may affect your current health situation.

With myself having a heart and lung condition, I am very limited to any pain relievers (such as no Advil).  Actually know quite a few people who are in the same boat when it comes to being advised of staying away from anti-inflammatory medication.  Thus, when a migraine hits we are stuck going *insane* trying to calm our pounding heads.  I have suffered from migraines for over 30 years, with no end to them in sight!  Today I thought I would share with you a few personal tips and tricks I have learned along the way for "curing" a migraine.

Eat a Piece of Chocolate
This works for some, but can quite possibly have the exact opposite effect on others.  It wasn't until recently out of the blue (while in migraine mode) I was actually craving a piece of chocolate.  I was quite surprised at the effect this had, not only calming my head some, but also my stomach.

Eat a Piece of Raw Garlic
From a quick fix on a toothache, calming nausea, to easing your pounding head.  Garlic can be freakin' MAGICAL.  Take one clove of garlic, slice thinly and chew.  Don't forget to hydrate with water – You'll also want to keep this on hand as raw garlic can be pretty spicy.

Gel Eye Ice Pack
These things are amazing and can be a godsend to help ease a little bit of tension in your eyes.  A few kept in the freezer at once is a great idea as they tend to warm up quickly!  If you are having a hard time finding these in stores at a reasonable price, there are some nice (freezable and heatable) ones available on both and


Hot "Spa" Bath
Have the water as hot as you will be able to handle.  Into your bath mix about 1 cup of Epsom Salts and a few drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint Oil (Lavender has been known to work as well, but can have the opposite effect on some – For me Lavender actually triggers migraines) .  Prop your head behind a bath pillow or rolled up towel and relax for at least 20 minutes while the salt and oils do their thing!  Don't forget to bring in a cold bottle of water to drink and a cold cloth for your eyes or neck – This can work wonders.

   ** Eucalyptus is an anti-inflammatory so use sparingly or please consult with your Dr to see if it is safe for you.  Way too many of these viral "cures" or "detoxifiers" we see shared over the internet use ingredients that can actually be more harmful, than helpful for some.  Diabetes, Heart Disease etc are all things you must factor in before using specific oils and even some spices.  Please be good to yourself and do a bit of research before-hand!

Low Dose Anti-Depressant
Again I will say – I am not a doctor.  I am making this list based on things that have personally helped me (or someone I know) calm a migraine.  Always do your research and talk to your Dr before doing anything that may affect your current health condition.  Moving along…I have a relative who suffered from migraines for over 50 years.  Suggested to them from their DR was a low dose anti-depressant.  Now I haven't done much research into this myself, but I do know they have not suffered a migraine now in over a year.  This is something I absolutely am going to talk to my doctor about in the near future.

Low Medicinal Muscle Relaxing Cream
Sufferers know all to well about the tension that builds into our neck, shoulders and basically our whole body once a migraine hits.  There have been times I literally have not been able to move and have just stood in one spot with my head cocked to the side for fear of how much pain will come if moving.  When so much tension hits like this, I have used a low-dose medicinal muscle relaxing cream.  Again please check with your DR if you have ANY health issues.  Having a heart and lung condition it has basically limited me down to one muscle relaxing cream, which is called Deep Relief (red).  Applying to neck, shoulders and up behind ears may help to take this type of tension away.

No Cigarettes
This is pretty self explanatory.  Our heads are already lacking oxygen – smoking only adds to the problem and can actually prevent your migraine from calming down.

Cut the Coffee
…Try a cold can of Coke (seriously!).  I'm actually amazed at how well this works, not only to calm my head and the tension, but also calming the nauseating feeling in your stomach that generally trails along with a migraine.  Don't forget to continue to hydrate with water as well throughout the day.


Are you a migraine sufferer?

Are there any little tips or tricks you do to help calm the pain?

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Keep well!
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