Meowbox Review: December 2015

Our little guys received a treat in the mail today!
I am super excited for them, because really…Who doesn't love surprises 😮

Meowbox Review DecemberCome join Hannah McKat, Ranger and Sergeant Doakes in our review of the December 2015 meowbox!

Thanks for joining us today in the review of the December 2015 meowbox!
This is not a sponsored post – Just a little something I picked up for our sweet cats!

Holly IconChristmas is almost here and I really wanted to surprise them with a little something special.  I have done a video review as well (which you can find at the end of this post), so I won't take too much time explaining everything – I'd like to just jump right into things and show you all the goodies this super cute meowbox included!

What comes in meowbox
Meowbox Info:
1 Month: $32.95 per month
3 Months: $27.95 per month
6 Months: $22.95 per month
Each box includes 5-7 Items
Ships To: UK, Canada and United States

December's Goodies Guide:

Meowbox Items Kitty Kush Catnip with Grinder
Kitty Kush Catnip
Although my furry little friends have yet to try this, I can assure you it will be a hit, as they were already licking the package :))  I was excited to receive this in our box this month, as I had wanted to order some!  You can pick up your own Kitty Kush Catnip from both or

Holiday Plaid Catnip Pillow
Christmas Catnip Pillow
Designed exclusively for meowbox!  This festive little pillow is a HUGE hit with my guys – Wow!!  You'll see in the vid 😉  I love that this little toy is so simple, yet so effective.  Really..What's in that catnip? :))

Ruff & Whiskerz Wildlife Rodentz
Wildlife Rodentz Cat Toy
I love this little guy!  A whole array of unique and sweet wildlife friends, which are designed and packaged using recycled materials (and while keeping your pets safety in mind) Now that you can't go wrong with.  You can find this little guy and many more wildlife toys (for cats and dogs!) at

Omega Paw Cranberry Cabernet Cat Treats
Cranberry Cabernet Cat Treats
I was very excited to give these neat treats a go – Sadly, none of my guys will take to them.  I had previously purchased another flavor from the 'luxury' line of Omega Paw Cat Treats (Meow Merlot) and they do not like those either.  I may have to pass these onto a friend..with hopefully better results!  I would like to just send an advanced warning that these have a super quick expiry date. The package received in this meowbox expires February 13, 2016 and the package I originally purchased from amazon was already almost a year expired (they sent a new one and the replacement has an expiry of March 5th, 2016).   If you'd like to give these treats a try they can be purchased from or

Felted Sheep Wool Mouse with Yak Tail
Snow Leopard Trust
Loooove it!  I think between this and the little Christmas Pillow alone, my guys would have been satisfied haha.  Not only is this sweet mouse beautifully handcrafted, there is a wonderful story behind the Snow Leopard Trust.

Final Verdict for Meowbox December 2015
I adored this subscription box.  The price point is excellent (especially if you go for a longer subscription period).  I appreciated the little handmade gifts included, really making it feel like something special was being given to my pets.  I think Ranger agrees?  4 paws up or what?  Ranger?…

meowbox subscription

Want to see the December 2015 Meowbox in action?  
Come join Doakes, Hannah and Ranger on YouTube, as they lose their minds with excitement! Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for watching!

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