Christmas Quotes: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas – Review

This month I was contacted by Gabi Rupp – The author of inspirational picture quote books.  I couldn't have been happier when asked to join her review team!
Inspirational Picture Quotes about ChristmasJoin me now for my review of Inspiration Pictures and Quotes about Christmas!

Seeing as Gabi gave me the choice of which book I would like to review first, I jumped at the chance to read Pictures and Inspirational Quotes about Christmas.  Christmas may have come and gone and we are now well on our way for preparing to ring in the New Year – But I still longed for that Christmassy feel that swept right past my husband and I this season.  The house had been organized from top to bottom this morning (something I am normally on top of, but seemed to let go these past few weeks), I have picked out a few Christmas recipes I am determined to still make and tonight I wound down with a wonderful Christmas book.

Christmas Quotes: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas
Inspirational Quotes about Christmas
Author: Gabi Rupp
About Gabi Rupp: Author Gabi Rupp is a dynamic professional whose greatest desire is helping others achieve healthier lifestyles.
She spent more than a decade working as a marketing executive before founding LeanJumpStart and creating the 52 Week Clean Eating Challenge where she uses science and realistic methods to encourage others to get in shape and maintain their new healthy habits.  In addition to running her business, she has published 52 Chef Habits, Inspirational Picture Quotes about Happiness, Picture Quotes, Picture Quotes about Friendship, Picture Quotes about Hope and her newest release "Inspirational Picture Quotes about Gratitude".  Gabi and her family reside in a little German town near the Black Forest. Please visit

Description: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas is a beautiful combination of photography and timeless wisdom. As the 10th edition in a series of Picture Quotes books it is written for the lover of visually appealing motivational quotes. Whether for your personal library or as a Christmas gift, Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas is an excellent way to bring a little joy to all! 

golden-star-iconMy Review
Being a huge believer in the Power of Positive Living, but feeling a bit down this season Inspirational Picture and Quotes about Christmas could not have come at a better time.  I have really been searching for something to give me that bit of pick-me-up I have been longing for this season.  This Christmas, I found it a bit tough to actually get into the "spirit".   With being so rushed around our house and many things we decided to scratch off our "to-do" list (at probably the worst time of all) days were flying by and before I knew it Christmas was here.  Our tree was hastily thrown up late and there was no holiday baking.  Although my husband and I don't generally exchange gifts, we do enjoy so many aspects of the season that would give us that warm-fuzzy feeling.  Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas is a relaxing way to wind down and just put all those stresses in your head to rest, if even for a few minutes.  What I found pleasurable about this book, even if one should feel these quotes are easily obtainable, I loved that they are separated into categories and paired along with a beautiful wintery photo.  It was a delightful book to curl up in front of the fire with a snuggly blanket and cup of hot chocolate.  If you can get yourself into the 'atmosphere' of relaxing and visulaizing, certain quotes will easily speak to you.  Whether reflecting on what each quote means (to you, or otherwise) or just enjoying the spirit of the season itself, Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas is a pleasurable way to pass some time. I will be honest and say I would have much rather this warmhearted book in the physical form.  I think it would make a lovely addition to your coffee table at Christmas, or like myself – I have a basket in the bathroom filled with books and seasonal things.  Thank you to Gabi for welcoming on her team and for allowing me to have the pleasure of bringing in a bit of joy this Christmas!  I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.  Inspirational Picture Quotes about Christmas can be found on both and

Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!
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