Go Pet Club Cat Tree: Review

I have to say, the quality of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is MUCH nicer than the stock photo shown upon purchase.
I mean I was really pleasantly surprised – much more so at the great price paid.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree ReviewJoin me now for my review of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree!

Since we were adopting 3 cats, we wanted a tree that had multiple features.
I specifically looked for:

A little hut
A comfy nesting area
Multiple scratch posts
A big enough landing {bottom} pad they could play or sleep on
I also would have liked a toy attached, but figured really..That's no big deal to hang one myself.

I decided to go with the Go Pet Club 50-Inch Cat Tree (Paw Print).
I mean, it's not really decor friendly (haha), but it is super cute and had everything I wanted:

Let me just tell you Go Pet Club and Amazon were outstanding with both shipping and packaging.
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Packaging  Go Pet Club Cat Tree Material 
It came beautifully packaged with all hardware (even the allen key) and instructions included.  
It took my husband about 20 minutes to put together (not including recovery time after all the posts fell out on his foot 😮 ). Hah – Just be careful with that if you do decide to pick one up – The posts aren't secured in the cylinder :))

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

The Pros:
Amazingly SOFT material.
Vibrant cream and black color
Has all aspects that kitties love!
Not too big and purrfect for small-space living

No real cons (so far) except you may want to put a mat under the tree itself, as the screws on the bottom will scratch the floor.

So how do my cats like it?
Okay – I'm not going to say they "love" it, because here's the thing:
Our cats are brand-new (to us).  They are adopted and this is now their 3rd (but final!!) home.  It hasn't taken them long to adjust (they have been here less than a week), but they are definitely still seeking out their bearings.

I mean, really – I won't take offense.  If anything, Martha Stewart should be offended as I bought them a ridiculously comfy MS reindeer bed and no one will touch it. Meanwhile, I'm over here like ready to curl up in it myself.  Just take a look at that thing:
Martha Stewart Reindeer Pet BedUh..I digress –

So get this:  Here I was literally 2 seconds ago, telling you guys it's taken the cats a bit to warm up to the tree:  As I'm typing and working away, my husband is busy rearranging the living room, so we can set up the Christmas tree.  We moved the small fireplace into our bedroom and put the cat tree where the fireplace used to be.  The Cat Tree was originally set up near the back door, so they could play and also watch out the window.  Clearly placement matters to these guys, because since moving this thing (2 minutes go and as you can see from the above pic) they're playing away and having all sorts of fun on it.  I'm excited and even caught a little bit on film!  Purrrfect – I was hoping to do a video review as well 😀  I'll insert and update this page once the video review has gone live 😉

If you're thinking about investing in a little play center/cat tree for your cat – I would definitely recommend going with a Go Pet Club tree.
I will not hesitate to purchase again as needed, or maybe another (smaller version) for somewhere else in our place – They all seem to be fighting over the little hut now hah.

Want to treat your furry friend(s) to some fun? 
You can grab the Go Pet Club Paw Print Cat Tree from both amazon.com and amazon.ca


I hope this review has helped you out!
Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have 🙂
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