12 Days of Novellas – Day 6: Christmas Al Dente by Jennifer L. Hart: Review + Recipe!

I can't believe we're already half way through our 12 days of Novella's!
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Christmas Al Dente Jennier L HartJoin me today as I'm serving up a festively-colored, contributed pasta recipe and the review of Christmas Al Dente by Jennifer L. Hart!

Today's tasty dish comes to us from Julie at Julie's Eats and Treats!
Just click the pic and be on your way to enjoying this festively colored, full-flavored Cashew Chicken Rotini Salad!
Thank you so much to Julie for allowing me the use of this delicious recipe!
Once your Cashew Chicken Rotini Salad is ready – Come on back here for your download of Christmas Al Dente and my review!

Christmas Al Dente
Christmas Al Dente by Jennier L Hart 
Author:  Jennifer L. Hart
Description:  "
Tis the season for pasta and mayhem. 
Andy Buckland is determined that nothing will interrupt her first Christmas with Malcolm Jones and her last holiday spent in her childhood home. When the family recipe book disappears from the Bowtie Angel, and Aunt Cecily threatens to put “The Eye” on the entire population of Beaverton if it isn’t returned, Andy and Jones decide to put the eggnog on hold for a little old fashioned sleuthing. But as one secret leads to another and rumors are served up along with hot buttered penne, Andy can’t shake the suspicion that her life is about to change forever…

My View
An All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Bar?  Sign me up!
I absolutely loved this novella.  A very quick read, but so much piled into it, that it really keeps your attention.  A little suspense, drama and sentimental values.  Honestly, I wasn't quite sure how I would like this story, as it seemed to throw a lot of characters at you all at once.  However, it tied in perfectly and you definitely could grasp a sense of everyone and their personalities.  I really like Andrea, who deems herself as a "Scottish-Italian Train Wreck" haha.  She's a little bit feisty, but more soft-hearted than I think she'd like to be (or realizes) 😉  I am excited to see how the relationship between her and Jones will play out!  Aunt Cecily had me cracking up with her threat of the 'Italian Evil-Eye', remembering Sophia Petrillo (The Golden Girls) and her evil-eye with the neighbor.  One of my favorite lines was 'stumbling out of bed toward the holy-land. aka: coffee" I hear that! Haha.  Jennifer L. Hart and her Pasta Shop Mysteries soared to a "high priority" in fun novellas and absolutely a series in which I will continue to follow!  I can't wait to try the Christmas Pasta recipe included at the end of the book (what a nice surprise!) – Sounds delicious!  If you're looking for a really nice treat, I highly suggest Christmas Al Dente.  Well worth your $1.  You can grab your download from amazon.com or amazon.ca

My Rating

candy cane clip art candy cane clip art candy cane clip art candy cane clip art
4 out of 5 Candy Canes – An excellent Christmassy (or anytime) read!
Don't forget to check back in tomorrow, as I share another Christmassy novella review!..Oh, and a recipe too! 😉