Catit Style Scratcher: Review

Although I have yet to give a (proper) introduction to my husband and mine's new furry family – Our big news of this season is that we have adopted 3 cats!  Kind of amazing and wow what a lifestyle change.  It's been pretty crazy around here, as I'm sure you can imagine.
Catit Scratcher ReviewBefore the cats arrived, of course I wanted to seek out all the *best* stuff for pets I possibly could so off to youtube, amazon and pretty much everywhere I could think of for ideas.  Join me for my Catit Scratcher Review!

My main concern with bringing not only 1 pet, but 3 😮 into the household was our furniture.  So getting a scratcher (or 10) was top priority. #SaveTheCouches (ya know what I mean)!  That's when I found the Catit Scratcher

I cannot tell you how helpful this has been to us (and the furrniture).
The lounge-style feature really appeals to all the cats.  Not only do they love this for their little claws, they all use it as a bed haha.  I have no idea why corrugated cardboard is (apparently) comfy, but they love it…and I love that!

Some Pawsome Features:

The Catit Scratcher comes with a little bag of catnip (attached to bottom), which can be used to sprinkle then rub into the scratcher to draw the cats attention over to the board.  My cats for whatever reason were already drawn to the scratcher (which I have heard other reviewers mention the same), so with any luck – Yours may love it just the way it is too, fresh out of the plastic.

Another feature I love with the Catit Scratcher is once one side wears out – Flip it over and the other side can be used as well.  Pretty much a 2 in 1!

There are many designs and styles available of the Catit Scratchers – So pick which best suits you, your cats…and your decor if you wish 😉

Just look at these guys…Haha.
Catit Scratcher Review 2As a first time (multiple) cat owner, I can definitely say this has been the best investment so far.  Budget friendly and a toy/tool which will absolutely be purchased again and again as needed.
If you found this page in your search for an awesome cat accessory – I'd say let this be your first purchase!

I'll leave you with a link to the one I purchased (zebra) and a few other choices – But take a look around, you are sure to find one your furry little friend(s) will love!

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