Amopé Pedi Perfect Review

We know beauty takes both time and (a lot of) patience.  It doesn’t just start and end with a sparkly lip gloss.  We must get prepared from headtotoe if we want to look {and feel} fabulous.  I don’t fancy myself having the prettiest of feet, but I am no fool when it comes to knowing they too, need pampering.

Amope Pedi Perfect

Being asked to review the Amope Pedi Perfect couldn’t have came at a better time…summertime!
It’s definitely time to get those feet freshened up.

If you like, before we get started you can take a look at my Amope Pedi Perfect unboxing video here:

High heels are my weakness…as are flipflops…as are wedges…Okay, as are all shoes :))

Here’s the thing, your feet get quite a workout and stressed no matter where you might be, or what shoes you may be wearing.
Your feet are also most prone to being neglected.
It’s really of no fault to anyone.
I mean…They’re all the way at the bottom of our body and the bottoms of them aren’t exactly something we look at or even think about on a daily basis.

The Amope Pedi Perfect is an electronic foot file.
It has promises of smoothing away callouses, rough spots and all those {icky} things that happen to our feet.

Pedicure Time Let’s get those feet prepped before we start!
We’re about
to get them nice and pretty on the bottom, so might as well start with a fresh look on top too!
Remove old nail polish and such.
I gave my feet a little bubble bath after removing the polish.
Remember:  No need to reach for your pumice stone this time! 🙂
Let your feet dry completely {a few hours}.
The Pedi Perfect is to be used on dry skin only!

Now I can’t say I struggle terribly with my feet.
I do however, have some very rough and dry spots that seem to never go away even though I constantly scrub away with my pumice stone and lotion on a regular basis.

Rough and Dry Feet
As embarrassed as I feel putting the bottom of my feet up, it’s necessary for seeing the before and after results of the Amope Pedi Perfect!squiggle • • • • •
Using Your Amope Pedi Perfect:
The instructions have only a few, but specific instructions:
1) Not suitable for diabetics and those with poor blood circulation.
2) Do not use for more than 3-4 seconds in one spot.
{This is not a suggestion *experience speaking*}
• • • • •I used as directed on the package, working on each targeted spot for a few seconds at once.  The unit runs on 4 AA Alkaline batteries and packs a lot of power!  Depending on how rough the spot on your foot is, you may not feel this right away.  However, following instructions of 3-4 seconds at a time, that is plenty.  Let that part of your foot rest and move on to another targeted area.  Go back to the initial spot after a bit and work like that.  Much like {say} a burn, you may not feel it right away. The Pedi Perfect does not hurt to use, but overuse in one spot definitely could result in a bit of inflammation and may become sore.  Think of the Pedi Perfect as a tiny sandblaster for your feet!
Once you feel your feet are up to par, give them a quick wash, dry and lotion up
Amope Pedi Perfect Before and After
These Before and After pics are the results I achieved after just one use
Amope Pedi Perfect Heels Before and After
Why do I love the Pedi Perfect?
I struggle with my pumice stone.  It’s just not a convenient item to me.  I find that I replace pumice stones like crazy.  Whether it be from such frequent use, or they get wet and fall apart.  I feel the pumice stone does not remotely come close to the results I have achieved with the Pedi Perfect. Surprisingly, I feel and see a much better result on the hard calloused areas of my feet, rather than the minimal dry spots. This is a great addition to your foot care/pedicure routine and a product that is lovely for both men and women.  The Pedi Perfect works effortlessly, making your ‘foot care’ routine not seem like so much hassle.What could be improved?
I would like to see an *updated* type version of the Pedi Perfect.  Maybe one that has 2 speeds.  The higher speed being for those rough callouses and a lower speed which could be used for the minimal dry spots on heels or the direct bottoms of your feet {in other words, the more sensitive areas}.squiggle

Watch my full video review of the Amope Pedi Perfect

Are you ready to give the Amope Pedi Perfect a try?  Purchase from Amazon, now:


Shopping from Canada?
Shopping from the United States?
Sturdy your foot with one hand, while guiding your Pedi Perfect with the other.
The durable rubber handle is amazing for an easy grip, but slips can still happen.

There is no need to press hard. The Pedi Perfect is doing it’s job!
Pressing too hard will result in the roller coming to a stop.

Cleaning Your Amope Pedi Perfect:
Pop the roller out of the unit and rinse under the tap.
Wipe down unit with a damp cloth.
Dry both unit and roller with a dry cloth.
Do not immerse in water

I hope you have enjoyed this review and I hope to see you all soon!

Take Care,
Mrs White Signature

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
All opinions are my own and have in no way been influenced.


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