2017 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

Now Accepting Submissions for 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
product reviewers for christmasWhen choosing a Reviewer for your product this year, please consider Wifetime of Happiness for your comapny's needs! Come on inside for more details on how you can list your product with Wifetime of Happiness this Holiday Season…

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Celebrity Deaths: 2017

Celebrities Who Died in 2017

celebrities who died in 2017A list of celebrities who passed away in 2017. Rest in Peace.

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Costume Ideas for Couples

costume ideas for couples

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Halloween Movie Playlist

Have a little fun with this pinnable Halloween Movie Playlist!
halloween movie playlist

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31 Days of October: October Blog Post and Audience Engaging Ideas

Whether you're looking to bulk up on some added blog posts or need some "question" inspiration to get your audience engaging on social media….
october blog post ideasI hope you'll find an idea or two you'll love.  So come on inside and let's check out our 31 Days of October list!…

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Daily Routine: 5 Quick and Simple Tips for a Tidy Home

I say this genuinely and it's that I really feel we could all use a more relaxed, less stressful kind of life.  
how to keep your house cleanKeeping up with housework should not add to the stress of every day life, but I know sometimes it can get right out of hand…

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20 Movies to Get You Into the Fall Spirit!

20 Movies to Get You Into the Fall Spirit!
halloween movie suggestionsFall weather is here and we can finally open those windows and breathe in a bit of fresh, crisp fall air!…

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How to Remove Label and Sticker Residue

How to easily remove sticker and label residue
how to remove labels from jars
You've peeled, soaked and peeled again, yet there is always that annoying tiiiny bit of sticker residue left behind on your jar, that becomes a complete pain in the you-know-what.  Come on inside and I'll show you a quick way to get that jar sparkling with one product I bet you already have on hand!…

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4th of July Patriotic Playlist

Ultimate 4th of July Patriotic Playlist 4th of july playlist So I started this list with the intention of just throwing a few "cool" songs on a cute little template for your patriotic shindig. However, once I got going, I realized just how many songs I really didn't want to leave off haha… Continue reading →

DIY Sea Salt Spray

DIY Sea Salt Beach Spray
how to make sea salt sprayBringing you the scent and feel of the Ocean, any time….

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Favorite Blend Cream Cheese Dip

Hey y'all!
The 4th of July, BBQs and Summer Parties are just around the corner and I just know we are all scouring the web, looking for tasty appetizers to serve up, amirite? Hehe…

easy cream cheese dipCome on inside for the creamiest, tastiest and easiest cream cheese dip recipe, that is sure to please your friends and family!…

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